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Hi there! My name's Haley.

I'm a UX designer passionate about User Research and transforming data into beautiful and useful designs.

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My Projects

Here you can see the case studies for a few of my projects.
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Real Deal

A mobile wellness app. Details


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My Skills

Social Scientist

My anthropology background and experience in the field give me a solid foundation for my user research. I'm fascinated by people and why they do what they do.

Data Synthesizer

After diving into the data, we have to know how to tease apart the pieces that are useful. I love looking at business needs and user needs and finding where they meet.

Clear Communicator

I love storytelling in all forms. Whether it's theater, the written word, or art, I've always loved connecting to people through a story. Now I'm doing it for a living!

Purposeful Pixels

They say logic makes you think and emotion makes you act. Great art is supposed to make us feel something. Great UI should get us to feel something and then ACT!

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